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Eje Cafetero


Eje cafetero - Voyage Colombia Golf

Coffee Triangle Manizales, Pereira and Armenia, area know to be most traditional and recognized Colombian Coffee Region. There you can visit the farms, appreciate the coffee handling process, and why not learn the secrets of preparing the best coffee in the world. With an average of 5.000 feet above sea level, average temperature 70 Fahrenheit, located 170 miles by road and 45 minutes by plane from Bogotá. Armenia is the birth town of LPG player Maria Isabel Baena. Well known for the gentleness of its people and its magnificent mountain side fresh climate 365 days a year. The Coffee triangle hosts three marvelous Professional golf courses with unequal exuberant nature surroundings. Club Campestre Manizales, Club Campestre Pereira, Club Campestre Armenia.


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