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Bogotá y alrededores


Bogotá y alrededores - Voyage Colombia Golf

Bogotá, Colombia´s capital has the well-deserved title in the last 10 years to be the fastest growing Latin-American gastronomic center. Located in the center of the Americas equidistant, from Toronto – Canada and Buenos Aires – Argentina. With over 7,5 million inhabitants, imbedded in the Eastern mountain range of the Andes, 8,500 feet over sea level. Its average temperature is 54 Fahrenheit, but can reach almost 70 during the summer months. The perfect weather for golfers. Bogotá, with an offer of 24 Professional Golf Courses nearby, and 17 courses in its vicinity. The Bogota Country Club, will host for the third consecutive year the Golf WEB COM. Tournament (Colombia is the only Latin-American Country to be distinguished with the honor of hosting two Golf WEB COM Tournaments yearly)..


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